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We want to help you create a stronger relationship with your clients, increase retention with better outcomes, and drive higher revenue.


Novel Technology for Better Outcome

Be an active participant in your client’s healing journey and make longer-lasting relationships through our novel technology. The PerSoN Care platform helps you position and market your unique services to your clients while providing the tools for you to empower your clients.

Secure Your Future with More Reliable Income

Make your career experience a fulfilling one at PerSoN Care. We compensate our counselors with a competitive salary as compared to other online counseling companies. Choose your caseload, control your time, and secure your future.

Do What You Do Best

No need to worry about finding clients, the paperwork, or operations. We handle everything while you focus on your zone of genius. Bring your expertise and we’ll handle the rest.

Enjoy a Work-Life Balance

At PerSoN Care, you get to work on your own time and from the comfort of your own home. Engage with clients whenever or wherever works best for you. Make your career more fulfilling by being in control.

Supportive Community and Mentors

We invest in our team by providing them with the tools and mentoring support they need to continuously improve. At PerSoN Care, you’ll experience supportive mentoring to guide you through your career journey.

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